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CSW-ICM is designed to provide an integrated transportation work platform for shipowners, cargo owners, operating companies, management companies and ships to realize view and monitor operational processes of cargo reservation, pre-loading, actual loading, transportation, unloading and full cargo status.. Accurate whole-process control ensures the safety of ships, personnel and goods, and escorts your safe operation!
1. Establish the connection between the cargo owner and the carrier and the ship operation and management company, and complete the establishment of preliminary plans such as cargo booking and transportation booking
2. The preloading and unloading order is generated by the ship operating company, which makes up for the simple mode that only chief mate is responsible for the traditional form, and provides a strong guarantee for safe operation and control
3. The ship's personnel form the loading and unloading list according to the preloading and pre-unloading list supported by the shore base. Complete safe loading according to stowage documents, loading plan, ballast water loading and discharging plan, etc.
4. During the transportation process, the goods are recorded throughout the process. According to the different types of goods, implement corresponding monitoring plans to ensure the safety of ships, personnel and goods
5. The inspection plan supports uploading on the mobile terminal. The inspection personnel shall record the temperature, humidity and other storage conditions of the goods on time during the transportation of the goods.
6. The ship's personnel are responsible for forming the unloading list according to the pre-unloading list approved by the shore-based, and also complete the safe unloading according to the stowage documents, unloading plan, ballast water loading and discharging plan, etc.
The entire operation process can be monitored. Shipowners, cargo owners, and shore-based management personnel can obtain real-time detailed data of ships in the process of cargo booking, pre-loading, loading, transportation, and unloading, so as to truly effectively manage and control cargo transportation, and avoid the traditional mode because of inability to Various losses caused by control factors provide a strong guarantee for your safe operation!

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