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QJvoy Co.,Ltd. (QJvoy China/International) is devoted to the simple and intelligent ship navigation, to the low-cost, handy and efficient technical support for shipping, to the maritime education, shore base assistant and ship safety management come along with technical iteration, focus on improvement of personnel efficiency and reducing expenditue of both on board and shore.

Since the establishment in 2011, our company started from the support of route refined management, transformed our professional services to systemic sevices step by step. Standing on our own technical strength and relying on multi-party resources, we have become a unique style technical services provider on ship safety scheme.

1.For the safety data (paper and electronic) required for ship navigation, we are all the first-level distributor and authorized development application, including China Communications Press, UKHO, IMO, ITU, Witherby, Weather data and Donghai Navigation Sfaety Administration (DNSA) etc.. We serve global business users consistently and reliably.

For the technical support (including electronic equipment and software) required for ship navigation, we are always participating support on various types of hardware and software that affect ship safety, such as ECDIS, UKHO and QJvoy etc..

Since the beginning, we have made a lot of efforts on the provision of accurate, new and complete data for ship navigation, and on the implementation of remote safety management for shipowners & management companies, our customers are all over the world.

At the same time, we continuously invest technology and capital, develop our own products, and conscientiously develop and establish more intelligent system, in order to reduce the burden on all parties on board and shore including the captain, and make the ship safer.

In 2016, our self-developed “QJ-Stark System” was launched.

In 2018, our updated “QJVOY System” was launched.

In 2019, our “QJVOY Navigation System and Training System” were officially commercial.

In 2020...

We are always making progress.

2.Ship oil sewage and garbage recycling.

3.Ship buying and selling services.

It is our driving force to make ship safer and to make responsible personnel saving much labor and worries.

Guided by the beliefs of “Rectify our mind, Cultivate ourselves, Harmonize our family, Dedicate our nation and Serve all over the world” , we strive with all our strength toward the target of “Making the ship more safer and simpler”, hoping to actively help the shipping industry that is vital to humanity.

We are looking foward to your cooperation. For safety, we are willing to accurately respond 365-days for serving you all the time.

We are Qijia Voyage, everything for shipping.

We are always waiting for and are appreciate to the inquires from captains (crew), management companies, shipowners, charterers, ship services providers and all professionals.

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