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The system is dedicated to simplifying the crew's operational skills training,promoting skill performed and qualified, keeping up with the latest global technology and rules knowledge, and working on the shore-based assistance of people on board to promote safer ships, thus making people, cargos and machinery safer,ensures that energy efficiency and environmental management are effectively implemented.
1. A management operating system suitable for training and assessment of various types of on board and shore-based personnel.
2. Provide global training content with rich curriculum resources. The tailor-made courses for enterprises is built to realize the complementary content of external practical courses and self-built courses of enterprises.
3. Intelligent recommendation of individualized courses, trainee can self-decide learning target according to needs. By simplifying the learning content, the staff can quickly master the skills by learning the simplified courses. 
4. Provide objective basis for enterprises to evaluate talents and personnel promotion. 
5. Support main stream operating systems (Windows/Mac/Android/iOS), compatible with any terminal (PC/Tablet PC/Phone).

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