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The system is dedicated to simplifying ship-side route planning,information updating and ship-shore synchronization. It is committed to more effective control of ships on shore, facilitating ship-to-ship voyage audits, making ships safer, and thus making people, cargos and machinery safer, ensuring energy efficiency and Environmental management has been effectively implemented.
1. QJvoy-Nav for ship and QJvoy-Nav for shore-based together realize the collaboration of ship navigation safety and company marine management with the same data and the same platform. 
2. The QJvoy-Data Exchanger is installed on board, Integrated with QJvoy-Nav software, which can obtain GPS, Gyro-compass, AIS, radar and other ship marine equipment data in real time on the shore. *Realize real-time remote IOT ships, greatly improving capabilities and scale of shore-based fleet management. *No need for third-party AIS service, ship’s data will be directly obtained from the ship, accurate and reliable, opening a new era of real-time shore-based management of ships;  *Low communication data consumption, normally 1-3G bytes will be used per month,
3. The recommended route is automatically generated through cloud computing, reducing the reliance on the experience of 2/O and Captain, thereby optimizing the traditional route planning process. Real-time data interaction for route planning and implementation has been realized between crew and the company’s marine officer and controller, making route audits for marine officer more accurate, navigation control more effective, and avoiding any risk which is caused by crew negligence or lack of knowledge.  
4. Make navigation safer and reduce the dependence on weather guide through real-time weather forecasting and the application of the ship's navigation equipment data. 
5. The electronic version of NTM (warning) can be subscribed and updated intelligently. 
6. The Correction data for paper chart and admiralty publications can be intelligently obtained based on the ship's inventory or voyage demand, optimize the traditional chart data correction process, and facilitate port state inspections. 
7. Intelligently order navigation publications and charts (Paper & Digital) on demand, realizing the E-commerce procurement model.

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